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What happened to the inventory listings? Will you show inventory listings again?

Tesla changed their website once again and is actively attempting to prevent third parties from loading their inventory data. While there are ways to continue to obtain Tesla's inventory data, we've heard from Tesla's web development management and they've expressed the desire to bring traffic directly to their site. When we first started our site in early 2016, Tesla's search was basically limited to battery size, color and AWD and it was very difficult to find an inventory or CPO model with the features buyers were looking for. Earlier this year, Tesla added finally additional search functionality. While their search doesn't allow as granular searches of Tesla's inventory data as our site, it is much better than before. Now it looks really similar to how our search filters have been for nearly three years! Tesla even added email notifications, a feature we've had since day one! We never charged a fee for our Tesla Inventory Search site and are happy to know we've helped thousands of Tesla owners find the Tesla of their dreams. A very special thanks goes out to the nearly 300 of you who have used our referral codes over the past three years!

What's next?

We have some cool new features coming to the site in the new year so be sure to check back soon. If there's enough demand, we may be able to bring back the inventory listings but that isn't a top priority.

For Sale: Late 2016 Tesla Model S 90D with Autopilot 2.0 and Free Unlimited Supercharging

We're looking to make room in the garage for a new purchase and are offering this lightly used metallic silver Model S 90D that was delivered December 2016 for sale. This car is one of the few Teslas that has both AP 2.0 hardware (Enhanced Autopilot enabled) and Free Unlimited Lifetime Supercharging which transfers to the new owner. The AP 2.0 hardware could be upgraded to AP 3.0 hardware in the future if the buyer decides to add Full Self Driving (FSD). FSD should be available as a $4,000 upgrade from Tesla or we could upgrade it before selling for cost.

  • 90 kWh Battery - Estimated 100% charge = 286 miles
  • AWD
  • Metallic Silver Paint
  • All Glass Panoramic Roof
  • Grey Next Generation Leather Seats
  • Premium Interior and Lighting Upgrades Package (PUP)
  • Black Alcantara Headliner and dash
  • Carbon Fiber Decor
  • Carbon Fiber Spoiler
  • Subzero Weather Package - All 5 seats heated, heated steering wheel, heated wipers
  • 19" Slipstream Wheels
  • Free Unlimited Supercharging which lasts for the life of the car and transfers to the new owner
  • Tesla All Weather Floormats
  • Blackvue 750S Dual Dashcam
  • Includes Generation 1 UMC with 14-50 adapter (charges at 40 amps, ~29 mph) and 5-15 adapters.
  • Includes J1772 charging adapter
  • Windows tinted to 25%
  • Front surfaces of car wrapped with Suntek paint protection film
  • Includes 2 key fobs
  • Approximately 2 years of factory warranty remain
  • Extended warranty available for purchase from Tesla
  • Eligible for new purple California carpool sticker good through 2023 which allows HOV access
  • 20,900 miles
  • Overall, this car is in great shape and hasn't had any issues.

Asking $72,500 for this rare Autopilot 2 Tesla with Free Unlimited Lifetime Supercharging

Email if you have any questions or would like to see additional images.